[tourismindonesia] Airport rail construction to start in May

Airport rail construction to start in May

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Business | Fri, April 04 2014, 7:32 AM

Airport operator PT Angkasa Pura II said on Thursday the construction of a railway network connecting Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Jakarta city center will begin in May this year.

Indra Cahya, the head of the project management unit with Angkasa Pura II, confirmed the construction schedule, saying the state-owned railway company PT KAI would start placing materials around the M-1 Gate, an alternative access route to th airport.

"We will close the M-1 Gate to give space to construction activities," Indra added.

In addition, Angkasa Pura II general affairs manager Yudi Setiawan said the construction of the railway network was part of the grand design of Soekarno-Hatta.

As part of the grand design, the airport operator is developing the apron of Terminal 3. "The facility and capacity of Terminal 3's apron will be equal to other international airports across the world," he added.

According to him, the airport operator also plans to develop Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and double their capacity to 18 million passengers. He said all services at the airport would remain in operation during the construction process.



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[tourismindonesia] File - contact person tourism indonesia.txt

Contact Person
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[tourismindonesia] Indonesia develops 16 priority tourist destinations for 2014

Indonesia develops 16 priority tourist destinations for 2014

Mar 18, 2014

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy targets an increase of 8% in international tourist arrivals in 2014 with infrastructure and tourist destinations continuously being developed.

In the month of January 2014, the number of tourist arrivals surged by 22.59% year on year, giving a promising start to reaching this yearly target.

"The target in 2014 for international tourists to visit Indonesia is between 9.3 to 9.5 million, an increase of between 6% - 8% compared to 2013," stated Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu, in Surabaya, Wednesday, March 12, 2014, reported detik.com.

Minister Mari added that currently 16 priority destinations are the focus of development and promotion, that - apart from Bali - include among others Lombok, Lake Toba, Old Batavia, Tana Toraja, Borobudur Temple, Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, Raja Ampat, Lake Batur, Wakatobi, Flores-Komodo and more. These destinations will be expanded to 88 destinations by 2025, as specified in the National Tourism Master Plan.

"Indonesia is so diverse that the country has a lot more destinations to offer, the fact, however, being that some have remained untouched, while others are firmly established, and a number still need revitalization or restoration," said Minister Mari. Many destinations still need to be developed especially in their infrastructure and facilities, so that our vision to develop sustainable tourism destinations can be attained, thereby creating benefits at a national scale.

"What needs to be truly underscored is that local communities must benefit from the development of tourism in their respective areas. Thus, the focus of human resources and local economy becomes significant," added Mari. To increase the quality of human resources, programs have been undertaken by the national government to improve the competence of 64,000 tourism workers from 32 different professions. Mari also urged all tourism stakeholders including from the private sector and regional governments to increase efforts to raise the quality of human resources in tourism.

Meanwhile, data from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy revealed that the number of domestic tourists in Indonesia made 248 million trips in 2013 growing at the rate of 1.1%, and spending a total of IDR176.3 trillion. The number of international tourists to Indonesia in 2013 is recorded at 8.802 million making a total spent of IDR12.66 trillion.

Source: indonesia.travel



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[tourismindonesia] Why you should take Bali off your bucket list

Why you should take Bali off your bucket list
6 HOURS AGO MARCH 18, 2014 2:47PM

THOUSANDS of Australians flock to Bali every year expecting to lie back and soak up the sun in a tropical paradise, but is this the reality that everyone experiences?

Frequent travellers and authors of the blog Changes In Longitude , Larissa and Michael Milne, said their time in Bali was less than idyllic. Here's their story.

We've visited over 30 countries so far on our two-year around-the-world journey, but one place strikes the heart as the most romantic: Bali. Before we arrived we envisioned the Bali of glossy magazines and travel memoirs like Eat Pray Love; sylvan sandy beaches, lush landscapes and warm water that beckoned in the tropical sun.

But maybe we were imagining a Bali of long ago. We hadn't anticipated the environmental disaster that Bali has become.

The flight from Perth to Bali was full of Australian holiday makers; lured by cut-rate flights to a tropical destination where the booze is cheap and plentiful. 

Rather than limit the amount of people that can descend on this small island, Bali has expanded Denpasar International Airport to cram even more holiday revellers into the already tight space.

Have your say: Is Bali a paradise or a flop? Tell us below.

Upon arrival we headed to the famed Kuta Beach for a quick dose of paradise; and that's where the shocking truth of Bali hit us. The beach was littered with so many plastic trash containers that, in some places, they outnumbered the sand. The vibrant detergent, soda and beer containers formed a kaleidoscope of hues that seemed as if they were part of an avant garde art installation. It was not exactly the local colour we had come to experience.

Lined by resorts, Kuta Beach is one of the filthiest places we have seen anywhere. We stood there for ten minutes just mesmerised by the amount of trash that could be piled up in a public area. Peering through the rubbish, we saw one lone sunbather stretched out in the sand, determined to soak up some rays despite the mounds of refuse piled up around her. Had she believed the myth of Bali too but was determined to ignore the reality?

The tourism web sites highlight pictures of clean sandy beaches, yet the trash is just below the ridge line of the sand, invisible in the photos, but quite apparent when one walks a few steps to the beach. The resorts are selling a mirage which the visitor doesn't find out about until it's too late. Kuta Beach fronts the populated parts of Bali but that is no excuse for the piles of trash.

Don't be deceived by photos of Bali's white sandy beaches.
Don't be deceived by photos of Bali's white sandy beaches. Source: Huffington Post
Note: We took the photo of the chairs above right behind the woman lying on the beach among all the trash. You can even see these chairs in the upper left hand corner of that photo. Because of the perspective the trash is hidden, creating the illusion of a sylvan beach.

We visited other beaches on the island and saw the same thing. Where the beach was fronted by a swank resort there was an effort made to keep it clean. But as soon as the resort's property line ended, the adjacent public beach reverted to an open-pit garbage dump. Any hopes of swimming in the sea were dashed by all the trash and god knows what mysterious blobs were floating in the water.

How has it gotten so bad in Bali? The local government conveniently claims the trash washes up from neighbouring Java. Even if it did come from there, why is it acceptable to keep garbage on the beach? Shouldn't it be cleaned off?

Bali is no longer a tropical paradise.
Bali is no longer a tropical paradise. Source: Huffington Post

Others told us that the Balinese used to eat their meals off of banana leaves which they would toss aside when they were finished. Since they were biodegradable, it didn't cause a problem, but now they are tossing aside plastic plates which are a problem. During rainy season the plastic washes out to sea and then back on the beach in an endless cycle — not the type of recycling that Bali needs.

What is Bali doing about this problem? Well they have expanded the airport to handle a greater influx of visitors so they can pile up even more trash that has nowhere to go. One wag on TripAdvisor has referred to Bali as "Eat Pay Leave." Perhaps it's better not to go in the first place.

Tourism has ruined Bali's beaches.
Tourism has ruined Bali's beaches. Source: Huffington Post

It wasn't fun writing this story, but that happens sometimes when perception and reality collide. The Balinese were the most gracious, friendliest people we met anywhere, but too many visitors are being disappointed by a place that does not live up to its reputation.

In 2011 Larissa and Michael Milne quit their jobs, sold their house and possessions and have been travelling around the world ever since with a Rocky statue. You can follow their journey and pick up valuable travel tips at Changes In Longitude .



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[tourismindonesia] PLESIRAN TEMPO DOELOE: Kota Jang Dibangoen Proesahaan Dagang, Minggu 16 Maret 2014

PLESIRAN TEMPO DOELOE: Kelilingin Kota Tua Jakarta

Kumpul di Museum (Bank) Mandiri (seberang Stasiun Kota)
letaknya di Jl. Pintu Besar Utara (seberang Halte Busway)
Minggu, 16 Maret 2014 djam poekoel 07.30 di pagi hari

Rp.50 ribu/org, sudah termasuk:
(thee manis anget)
(snacks di pagi hari)
(minuman botol/akwa)

(masoep ka dalemnja Toko Merah)

(masoep ka atasnja Jembatan Kota Intan)

(masoep ka dalemnja Museum Wayang/liet koeboerannja si J.P.Coen)

(masoep ka dalemnja Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik/Raad van Justitie)

(Djalan Kaki semoea, ditjeriteraken riwajatnja setapak demi setapak di

Kota Tua Jakarta sedjak kaloear Museum Bank Mandiri hingga poelang)

(Bilamana pas Hari-H turun hujan, maka kita kuliling Museum Bank Mandiri

barang sejenak menanti hujan berhenti, dan diceritakan perihal Kaca Patri

yg terdapat di bagian muka museum, sebagai representasi Kongsi Dagang,

sedari djaman VOC hingga NHM -jang mana meroepakan kelandjoetan dari

Kongsi Dagang Kompeni jang dinjatakan bangkroet pada achir tahon 1799)

(Klaar hujan, kita langsung jalan kaki kulilingin Kota Tua Jakarta jang mooi)

(semoeanja ditjeriteraken oleh Andy Alexander &
Ade Purnama, penggila sedjarah VOC jang demen

meneliti segala jang berhoeboengan dengan VOC)

Bank BCA:
MANDIRI: 101.000.4434. 088
atau BNI 46:

(please kirim email dulu sebelomnya, ntar dibales kok, untuk dapatkan

nomer urut keikutsertaan, jangan langsung transfer yah, ntar kitanya
malah bingung karena dapetin itu uang kaget, bisa dikopi khan jek?!)
(anak ketjil, orang moeda dan orang toea, bayarnya sama yah, oke?)
(semua di-reken dengan satoe prijs/price iatoelah:

Jakarta di hari ini adalah kota dagang jang bole bikin banjak orang berdoejoen-doe-

joen dateng kemari. Doeit ametlah moedah didapet, asalken kitaorang kerdja keras.
Djanganlah heiran koetika tahoe sedjarahnja demikian roepa, kerna kota Jakarta tat-

kala moelai bernama Batavia itoe dibangoen oleh saorang accountant dari proesaha-

an dagang jang berhatsil koeasai wilajah jang sablonnja diprentah oleh pangeran dari

Bantam (Banten), sasoedanja kalahken pengoeasa setempat tahon 1527 (jang kata

orang: Hari Lahir Kota Jakarta, tapi boekanlah dari soember informatie nan factueel).

SAHABAT MUSEUM bakalan kassi berbagi matjem kisah sedjarah perkembangan kota

Jakarta di dalem programma jang soeda di-idem-idemkan segenap masjarakat loeas:


Proesahaan Dagang Minggoe, 16 Maret 2014 sedari 07.30 - 11.00 WIB

"Akan mengingat lagi waktoe mena'loekkan kota Djakarta pada tanggal 30 Mei tahon

1619 sebab kebidjaksanaannja Toewan Djenderal Jan Pieterz.Coen jang gagah bera-

ni itoe, maka pada tijap-tijap katloem (selekoh) istana serta diseloeroeh kota poela 

benteng-benteng di sekililing kota poen dikibarkan bendera kota jang warnanja me-

rah, poeti, blaoe, ditengah-tengahnja gambar sebilah pedang biroe jang terhoenoes

menikam soewatoe karangan daoen, hidjau warnanja, di sekalijan geredja dibatjakan

doa baik di dalam bahasa Belanda, baik di dalam bahasa Melajoe, baik dalam bahasa

Portoegis". Ach, bole dibilang inilah document koeno perihal terbitnja soewatoe kota

baroe bernama: Batavia, jakni soekoe-bangsa nene-mojangnja: Batavier. Maskipoen

Coen kapingin abadiken itoe kota dengan nama: Nieuw-Hoorn, lajaknja tempatnja ia-

orang lahir di kota Hoorn, di bagian lor (oetara) kota Amsterdam, di Nederland sana.

Pada awalnja kota Betawi itoe ijalah seboewah lodji ketjil kepoenjaan Kompeni, ter-

diri di soewatoe kampoeng kepoenjaan anak negeri, diperboewat dengan terboeroe-

boeroe sadja di pinggir laoet, dekat kampoeng Tjina, berwatasan (berbatasan) den-

gan aloen-aloen adalah seboewah mesdjid, disitoelah dalam Pangeran jang lengkap

dengan alat sendjatanja itoe. Lodji Kompeni itoe, Nassau namanja, sangat dekat le-

taknja dengan tempat-tempat atau roemah jang moedah terbakar, orang Tjina ba-

njak memasak arak disana daripada kelapa, jang banjak datang dari Soenda Kalapa.

Hingga ketika Goebernoer Djenderal van Reynst sampai di Djakarta merasa chawatir

sangat; oleh kerna itoelah dengan segera dibelinja tana jang dekat dari sitoe, en ta'

lama antaranja diperolehlah izin akan memboewat seboewah roemah batoe diatasnja

tanah Kompeni itoe, dan dinamakanlah roemah itoe lodji Mauritius. Kemoedijan, dari-

pada itoe, tetapi dengan pembelian djoega, diperolehlahnja sebidang tana dari Radja

Djakarta -sebenarnja radja ini adalah radja moeda Soeltan Bantam (Banten), Pange-

ran Widjaja Krama namanja radja Djakarta itoe. Maka tanah itoe letaknja ijalah ada

di sebelah selatan sedikit, sepandjang kata kitab-kitab lama "soewatoe tempat jang

sangat bagoes serta merijangkan hati, goenanja akan penghiboerkan hati pegawai-

pegawai lodji itoe". Demikianlah riwajatnja kenapa Kompeni demen dengan Djakarta.

Soepaija djangan teraniaja oleh radja-radja Boemipoetera jang sangat lalim, serta

lekas beroebah-oebah pemerintahannja itoe ataoepoen oleh orang-orang jang se-

kelilingnja, demikian djoega goenanja ijalah akan mendjaga diri daripada kedengki-

an sesama bangsa koelit poetih jang tjoekoep djoega alat sendjata-nja. Toewan

Reynst itoe boekanlah orang jang pandai moeslihat perang, melainkan tjoemah se-

orang saudagar Amsterdam sadja, tijada berhati matjan. Oentoek pekerdja'an jang

sematjam itoe, perloelah orang jang berani lagi daripada dija. Demikijan halnja peng-

gantinja, Laurens Reael namanja, meskipoen toewan jang penjajang itoe lebih-lebih

merasa betapa perloenja melawan dengan keras perboeatan lawan Belanda jang sa-

ngat heibat, jakni orang Inggeris, tijada sanggoep ija mendjalankan pekerdja'an itoe.

Hingga achirnja orang jang mengadakan perlawanan itoe Toewan Direktoer Djenderal

Coen. Toewan Pieterz.Coen tidalah sama adatnja dengan Toewan Reael jang senan-

tijasa bertanja kepada pembesar. Majores di negeri Belanda, apa-apa hal jang diker-

djakan dan bagaimana mendjalankannja, karena takoet ija, kalaoe-kalaoe berboewat

salah. Lain halnja dengan Jan Pieterzoon Coen, jang mendjalankan pikirannja sendiri,

dengan mengoetjapken: "Sekali-kali djangan poetoes asa, djanganlah ditakoeti moe-

soehmoe itoe, diatas doenija ini tida' adalah soewatoe djoewa jang dapat mengang-

goe dan meroesakkan kita, karena Toehan adalah beserta dengan kita dan tijadalah

akan dihoekoem kita atas kesalahan kita jang soedah-soedah, karena sesoenggoeh-

njalah di Hindia ini dapat kita berboewat sesoewatoe jang moelija adanja". (Waduh!)

Maka Toewan Jan Pieterz. Coen, pada dinihari 30 Mei itoe dengan segera dilengkap-

kannja tenteranja, banjaknja 13 pasoekan serdadoe, tjoekoep dengan alat dan ben-

deranja, banjak serdadoenja kira-kira 1000 orang, laloe keloewarlah ija dari benteng

en menjerang anak negeri jang terletak di tepi soengai sebelah barat dan dimoesna-

kannjalah segala kekoewatan-kekoewasaan Bantam ataoe Djakarta jang masih ada,

maka hantjoerlah kota Djakarta ini. Ta' lama antaranja habislah kampong itoe men-

djadi aboe, setelah itoe dikirimkanlah soerat oleh Toewan Coen kepadanja toewan-

toewan jang berkoewasa (Bewindhebbers), bertoeliskan: "Dengan djalan sematjam

inilah kita, jang datang dari Bantam menjerang Djakarta itoe, mendapat soewatoe

djedjak en kekoewasaan di tanah Djawa itoe. Kesalahannja melawan itoe soedalah

dihoekoem dengan patoet. Kemoelijaan en kenamaan bangsa Belanda poen nistjaja-

lah akan bertambah-tambah djoewa karena hal ini. Dan sebahagian besar daripada

tanah-tanah jang amet soeboer dan laoetan Hindia jang banjak ikan-ikan-nja itoe

poen soedah mendjadi kepoenjaan toewan-toewan semoeanja". Nah, inilah masa

awal Belanda bener-bener koeasain Djakarta, laloe njaris ka saantero negeri Noe-

santara (Indonesia). Paling achir adalah Tanah Rentjong Atjeh, pada tahon 1904.


Proesahaan Dagang Kompeni, ataoe jang bekend diseboet VOC (Vereenigde Oost-

indische Compagnie), berdirikan soewatoe kota baroe di bekas wilajah Xajacatra,

ataoe jang lebi kita kenal sebagi Jayakarta. Bekas teritorie kota Jayakarta nanti-

nja akan kitaorang samperin bersama-sama, letaknja tida djaoe, tjoemah di seki-

taran Kali Besar en Toko Merah. Riwajat kali jang belok-belok dan kamodian diloe-

roesken oleh Kompeni maroepaken kisah jang menarik, oetamanja bagaimana pe-

ngoeasa baroe mempoenjai concept jang bagoes en tekoen akan perkembangan

tempatnja bersemajam (tinggal, bukan meninggal, maklum dari bahasa djadoel!).

Sadjoembelah bangoenan toea peninggalan koloniaal misih kitaorang samperin di

bilangan jang sekarang kasohor diseboet sebagi: Kota Tua Jakarta. Soeatoe ka-

wasan jang bikin bangga pendoedoek Jakarta, kerna poenja bangoenan heritage

jang njaris oetoeh, namoen tempo sekarang ini misih blon terawat dengan baek.


Toko Merah jang tamtoe sadja warna daripada tjat-nja berwarna merah, tempo

sekarang ini boleh dikoendjoengin oleh oemoem. Tida tjoema di roeang lobbynja

sadja, ka atas poen Toean en Njonja sila naek. Deretan kajoe nan tebel berasal

dari ratoesan abad silam, soenggoe terbitkan detjak kagoem tiada henti, apalagi

kwaliteit jang prima. Apa sadja kedjadiaan jang pernah ada di Toko Merah? Begi-

toe banjak jang dapet ditjeriterakan, dan soenggoe bagoesnja djikaloe kitaorang

sampaiken langsoeng di dalemnja gedong Toko Merah ini, sembari berdjalan kaki

di dalem gedongnja, jang djangan kaget, njatanja seloeas lapangan bola, wuiih!

Kedjadian penting banjak terdjadi dalam gedong roemah ini, poen gedong digoe-

naken djadi apa sadja sedjak diberdiriken doeloe. Rasakan sendiri pengalamannja.


Kaloear dari Toko Merah, perdjalanan dilandjoetken ka Djembatan gantoeng Kota

Intan. Satoe-satoenja djembatan jang misih ada di Djakarta maopoen Indonesia.

Djembatan matjem ini djoembelahnja riboean di Belanda sana, boekan sesoeatoe

jang aneh bin adjaib, tetapi di Djakarta tinggal 1 ini jang tersisa, tiada jang laen.

Sepandjang djalan menoedjoe djembatan itoe tida loepa dengerin keterangannja

saboeah loekisan dari djeman doeloe, jang sekarang tersimpen dan dipadjang de-

ngan baek di Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, pemandangan Kali Besar, Kasteel Batavia

di abad ka-18. Kitaorang djoega akan kassi liet roepanja pada achir abad ka-19,

tatkala bilangan Kali Besar soeda brobah mendjadi kawasan bussines jang rame.

Loekisan, gambar, foto-foto item-poetih dapet berbitjara lebi actueel, ditambah

lagi pendjelasan setjara detailnja, termasoek bekas Geredja dalem kota Batavia.


Jembatan Kota Intan jang pernah diseboet sebagi Djembatan Juliana dan Hoen-

derpasserbrug (djembatan pasar oenggas) adalah titik oedjoeng djalan kaki, lan-

tas kitaorang poeter arah ka Stadhuisplein jang sekarang dikenal sebagi Taman

Fatahillah. Goresan koeas peloekis bernama Johannes Rach toeroet briken con-

tributie jang besar boeat kisah Betawi di djeman Kompeni. Keadahaannja Bata-

via di masa itoe, tepatnja di Taman Fatahillah tida bedanja dengan conditienja

sekarang. Tengok kanan, ada bekas locatienja Geredja Koebah. Bebrapa soem-

boer menjatakan bahoewa ada koeboerannja pendiri kota Batavia: J.P.Coen di 

gedong jang sekarang dipake sebagi Museum Wayang (jang doeloenja adalah

kantoor Geo Wehry en Co.). Coen sang pendiri kota Jakarta di djeman doeloe,

dikabarken meninggal doenija sebab-sebab peroetnja sakit, waloepoen soem-

ber moesoeh memberitaken kaloe-kaloe Toean Coen semapoet karena kepala-

nja dipenggal tatkala Pasoekan Mataram menjerboe kota Batavia tahon 1629.

Oentoek compleetnja, nanti ditjeriterakan tepat di depan koeboerannja Coen.


Museum jang paling achir kitaorang koendjoengin adalah: Museum Seni Rupa

& Keramik. Bekas gedong Raad van Justitie, jang activiteitnja briken keadilan

bagi segenap pendoedoek kota Batavia, bole djadi adil, bole djadi tida djoega.

Collectie daripada museum ini sekarang soeda brobah tata-letaknja, mendjadi

seger, tjeria, dan terang. Roeangannja disekat sedemikian roepa, hadirken wa-

djah tjiamik lajaknja sang gadis jang demen bersolek. AC berhemboes sedjoek

briken kenjamanan bagi tijap-tijap pengoendjoeng jang kapingin ni'mati isihnja

daripada museum jang tampilken karja art. Sekilas, museum ini nampak saperti

museum-museum di Belanda, bole dibilang gaboengan Rijksmuseum en Tropen

Museum di Amsterdam. Terlaloe berlebihan? Moengkin sadja, tapi ada baeknja

Toean-Njonja boektiken dengan mata kepala sendiri dengan datengin Museum

Seni Rupa & Keramik, jang locatienja berada di bilangan Kota Tua Jakarta itoe.

Nistjaja bakalan kasengsem dan enggan poelang, kerna demen sama collectie-

nja jang ditata-oelang sahingga soegoehken pengalaman jang ta' terloepaken.

Apalagi sala satoe collectienja adalah ceramic berserakan jang diambil dari ka-

pal laoet jang karam tatkala berlajar di perairan Noesantara jang sangat loeas.


Route djalankaki: Factorij NHM (Museum Bank Mandiri) - Binnenniuwepoortstraat
(Jl.Pintu Besar Utara) - Bankstraat (Jl.Bank) - Kali BesarWeststraat (Jl.Kali Besar
Barat) - Juliana Brug/Hoenderpasserbrug/Jembatan Kota Intan - Kali BesarOost-
straat (Jl.Kali Besar Timur) - Stadhuisplein (Taman Fatahillah) - Geo Wehry & Co
(Museum Wayang) - Raad van Justitite (Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik) - Tijger-
graacht/ Kanaal Matjan (Jl.Lada) - Kombali en poelang berdjalan kaki ka Museum

Bank Mandiri (Factorij NHM), atjaranja diperkiraken soeda klaarnja djam 11 siang.

Zo, toenggoe apalagi?! Lekas, Sigra daftarken diri Toean-Njonja sekarang djoega!
kirim email ka: adep@cbn.net.id (adep at cbn dot net dot id) ataoe kaloe mahoe
bertanja sablonnja, sila hoeboengi telefoon-tangannja di nummer: 0818 94 96 82

(nummer oeroet peserta akan dibriken sasoeda mendaftar, sehingga nanti ditran-

sfer oeangnja sasoeai dengen nummer oeroetnja), kamoedian dapet ditransfer ka: 

Rekening BCA: 237 14 25 693  cab. Pondok Indah, a.n: ADE HARDIKA PURNAMA

toeloeng diconfirmatie sigra via email ataoe disms ka nummer 0818949682 selekas-

nja. (djikaloe Toean ataoe Njonja ternjata tida djadi ikoetan en soeda mentransfer,

moehoen ma'af, doeit jang soeda ditransfer tida dapet dikembalikan, tetapi bisa di-

oper kepada orang laen/familie/teman). Adapoen nummer rekening bank laen adalah:
MANDIRI =, a.n: ADE HARDIKA PURNAMA, dan rekening BNI 46

= a.n: ADE HARDIKA PURNAMA, kantoor tjabang: di Pondok Indah.

Tjara membajarnja/transfer, misalnja: Onky Alexander ada di nummer oeroetnja: 18,

maka Onky transfernja = Rp.50.018 (djikaloe di mesin ATM ketiknja Rp.50018 <<<<
angka 18 dibelakang mengatjoe ka nummer oeroet, djadi nanti bajarnja boekan hanja
Rp.50.000 sadja, tapi ditambah Rp.18 sebagi nummer oeroet. Kaloe-kaloe mendaftar
lebih dari 1 orang, dan kapingin transfernja sekaligoes djalan, tjontoh sematjem gini:

18. Onky Alexander

19. Meriam Bellina
20. Btari Karlinda

Transfernja bole sekaligoes = Rp.150018 (ikoetin nummer oeroet jang paling doeloe)

maka dari itoe, nummer oeroetnja djangan didjoembelahken djadi 1 (18 + 19 + 20 = 

57 = Rp.150.057). Oh, DJANGAN, DJANGAN, DJANGAN. karena nantinja malah boeat 

kitaorang mendjadi bingoeng, bole djadi nummernja ini (oempama nummer oeroet 57)

soedah ada jang poenja, orang laen. Dapet sebabken kakaliroean. Tapi kaloe mahoe

transfer satoe per satoe djoega boleh, ketik sadja = Rp.50.018, Rp.50.019, dan Rp.

50.020, ataoe misalnja ada temen/keluarga jang misih kapingin daftar lagi, laloe da-

nummer jang djaoe dari rombongan Toean dan Njonja (misalnja di nummer oeroet =

178) maka nanti djikaloe mahoe mentransfernja sekaligoes/sekalian sadja, toeloeng

diseboetken, bahoewa doeit Rp.200.018 oentoek nummer oeroet = 18, 19, 20, 178. 

Djangan loepa oentoek bawa pajoeng, topi, handdoek ketjil, inget Djakarta panas !!
djikaloe pada tempohnja hoedjan ada toeroen menggoejoer, kitaorang aken moelain

plesiran sasoedanja itoe hoedjan brenti. Plesiran tida berganti hari ataoe tanggalnja.

Memoedjiken dengen hormat,
Ade Purnama (Adep)


P: 0818 94 96 82

0812 84 27 27 36
Pin BB: 23975CBC

Facebook: Ade Purnama

Twitter: @sahabatmuseum


(beberapa sumber sejarah, dikutip dari buku karya:

Adolf Heuken yang berjudul: "Sumber-Sumber Asli

Sejarah Jakarta" Jilid II & buku "Tempat-Tempat

Bersejarah di Jakarta", karya: p.t.P.De Roo De La

Faille, Lid Dewan Hindia, yang berjudul: "Hal Ihwal

Kota Betawi Semasa Dahoeloe")


Minggu, 16 Maret 2014

07.30 – 08.00: Pendaftaran di Museum Bank Mandiri

08.00 – 08.15: Penjelasan ttg sejarah kota Jakarta

08.15 – 08.30: Jalan kaki menuju Toko Merah

08.30 – 09.00: Keliling Toko Merah

09.00 – 09.15: Jalan kali menuju Jembatan Kota Intan

09.15 – 09.30: Keliling Jembatan Kota Intan

09.30 – 09.45: Jalan kaki menuju Taman Fatahillah

09.45 – 10.00: Penjelasan ttg Taman Fatahillah & Museum Fatahillah

10.00 – 10.15: Penjelasan ttg Makam J.P.Coen (di Museum Wayang)

10.15 – 10.20: Jalan kaki ke Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik

10.20 – 11.00: Keliling Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik

11.00 – 11.15: Acara selesai. Kembali ke Museum Bank Mandiri,

tetapi jika ada yg masih mau keliling Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik

silahkan saja, tapi kalo ada yg mau kembali, ayo jalan kaki bareng.


Ingin bergabung? Kirim email kosong ke: tourismindonesia-subscribe@yahoogroups.com





[tourismindonesia] Plesiran Tempo Doeloe: 16 Maret 2014


dengan hati seneng presenteren:

Djakarta doeloenja adalah kampong ketijil, jang bekend dengen

nama Soenda Calapa, Xajacatra/Jacatra, kamodian itoe nama di-

ganti oleh Orang Belanda -dari Kongsi Dagang Kompeni (VOC),

dengen nama baroe, jakni: Batavia, diambil dari atsal nene-mo-

jangnja di Europa sono. Kota jang dibikin Kompeni koelit poeti

itoe berdjaja hingga 325 tahon lamanja, sedjak tahon 1619 hing-

ga 1942. Tatkala Tentara Dai Nippon koeasai negerij Hindia ini,

namanja digantiken djadi Djakarta, jang diabadiken dari Jacatra.


Sadjoemblah bangoenan peninggalan djeman Kompeni dahoe-

loe, misih dapet kitaorang samperin en tengokin, tamtoe sadja

pake masoep ka dalem gedongnja. Toko Merah jang doeloe-

nja adalah roemah tinggalnja Goebernoer-Djenderal Baron von

Imhoff, dan nantinja bakalan kita bezoek, masoep naek sampe

ka lantai 2. Laloe, Juliana Brug/Hoenderpasserbrug/Djembatan

Kota Intan di sakitar Kali Besar tida loepoet oentoek didatengin.


Tijap kali Toean en Njonja berkoendjoeng ka bilangan Kota Tua

Jakarta, pastinja temoeken nama djalan: Pintoe Besar Oetara en

Pintoe Besar Selatan. Poen deket sitoe ada Pintoe Ketjil. Apatah

Toean en Njonja soeda tahoe derimana asal moelanja nama itoe?

saperti apa roepa gambarnja itoe pintoe di djeman dahoeloe kala?
Kitaorang akan kassie tahoe nama aseli djalan di djeman Kompeni,

dan di hari ini brobah djadi djalan apa, apatah apa hoeboengannja.

SAHABAT MUSEUM bakalan tjeriteraken riwajatnja sampe toentas,

didjamin Toean en Njonja poewas dengerinnja kerna narasoember

nan djempolan akan kassie pendjelasan setapak demi setapak di

djalanan sepandjang Kota Tua Jakarta. Nistjaja, tatkala programma-

nja klaar Toean en Njonja bakalan faham betoel keadahaannja kota

Djakarta Tempo Doeloe, dari Soenda Calapa, Jacatra, dan Batavia.

(Snacks Pagi, Thee Anget, Minoeman Botol)
(masoep ka dalemnja Toko Merah)

(masoep ka atasnja Jembatan Kota Intan)

(masoep ka dalemnja Museum Wayang/liet koeboerannja si J.P.Coen)

(masoep ka dalemnja Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik/Raad van Justitie)


                                                                    Minggoe, 16 Maret


                                                                    (lima puluh ribu)
                                                                    (kumpul di: Museum Bank

                                                                    Mandiri, Jl.Pintu Besar Utara
                                                                    jam 07.30 pagi

                                                                     kalo pada ngedaftar PTD ini
                                                                     email ke: adep@cbn.net.id 
                                                                     (adep at cbn dot net dot id) 



                                                          detailnya esok atau lusa yah


Ingin bergabung? Kirim email kosong ke: tourismindonesia-subscribe@yahoogroups.com



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