[tourismindonesia] 9 Balinese dances become world cultural heritage


9 Balinese dances become world cultural heritage

Jumat, 4 Desember 2015 09:30 WIB | 491 Views
Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA News) - UNESCO has declared nine Balinese traditional dance forms as an Intangible World Heritage, following the announcement of results of the UNESCOs meeting held in Namibia, Africa on December 2.

The Head of the Bali Provincial Cultural office, Dewa Putu Beratha made the statement on Wednesday night, adding that he had received such information from a ranking official of Education and Culture Ministry later on the day.

The nine dances (tari) that have become the Intangible World Heritage are Tari Barong Ket, Tari Joged Bumbung, Tari Legong Keraton, Drama Tari Wayang Wong, Drama Tari Gambuh, Topeng Sidhakarya, Tari Baris Upacara, Tari Sanghyang Dedari and Tari Rejang.

"We are very happy and grateful with this designation. Thus, Bali does not only receive protection relating to the preservation of traditional dance, but it will also result in economic benefits in the future," Dewa explained.

According to him, after UNESCO recognized the nine Balinese dance forms, it was now the responsibility of the central government, the Bali provincial government and district/city governments to prepare the infrastructure for the preservation and development of traditional Balinese dances.(*)


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