[tourismindonesia] Never use your left hand in Indonesia : Locals reveal what you should avoid doing when visiting their country

PUBLISHED: 17:11 GMT, 31 October 2016 UPDATED: 01:48 GMT, 1 November 2016

Touch is also important boundary to be aware of in Indonesia.
Quora user Raska Soenmantoro revealed that visitors shouldn't be offended if their handshake is rebuffed or if someone recoils at any attempt to hug them.
He explained: 'Indonesians do not like to be touched. The farthest thing you can ever do with an acquaintance/friend is to shake their hands or do a high five. Hugs are fine when you are already very close to them.'
If you're someone who communicates using both hands, you'll have to express yourself with just your right hand in Indonesia, claims Regina Luce. 
She said: It's considered especially impolite to use your left hand when dealing with other people for example in handshakes and handing over payments.
'Left-handed people are somewhat rare in this part of the world, but if you happen to be one of them and are absolutely uncomfortable using your right hand, giving a little 'excuse me' when you're accidentally/using your left hand should suffice,' she added. 


Posted by: Holy Uncle <holyuncle@ymail.com>

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